BactiBarrier® Protects Against Unwanted Microbes

BactiBarrier is a bonded, eco-friendly, odorless, noncorrosive nanotechnology that inhibits the growth and multiplication of harmful viable organic matter creating a long lasting invisible BactiBarrier. This gives you the assurance of protection that’s there when you need it most.

The quat silane technology is multi-spectrum control, because of its physical mode of action using cationic charge density in the crosslinked polymer structure. The strain of the microbe has no bearing on the efficacy of the mode of action, thus all strains of staph are controlled, including MRSA strains.

Long-Lasting Protection

BactiBarrier bonds to the treated surface, standing guard against future microbial growth. It keeps working again and again, providing long-lasting protection.

Because the cured antimicrobial is involatile, insoluble, and also nonleaching, the treatment could last up to the life of the treated surface!

Long Lasting

Environmentally Friendly

Some antimicrobial products use heavy metals to essentially chemically poison microbes. In order for this to work, some of that poison may come off the surface each time it destroys a microbe, leaving behind less antimicrobial effectiveness and introducing it into the environment.

BactiBarrier is different in that it bonds with the treated surface and mechanically destroys microbes. Our product will also biodegrade over a period of time back to its natural elements, making it that much more eco friendly.

Eco Friendly